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Josh Hill

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Tyler Walker

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Transforming Properties with Expertise and Vision

Welcome to Precision Property Experts, where expertise meets a shared history of dedication and skill. Co-founded by Joshua Hill and Tyler Walker, lifelong friends who first crossed paths in high school, our company brings a unique blend of experience and camaraderie to the property industry.

Joshua Hill, with a background rooted in military service, has honed his skills over 5 years in the field. His commitment to precision and excellence, instilled during his time in the military, translates seamlessly into the work we do at Precision Property Experts. His disciplined approach and attention to detail set the standard for our team.

On the other side, Tyler Walker ventured into the clearing and grading business, amassing over two decades of invaluable experience. With over 20 years in the industry, Tyler's extensive knowledge forms the backbone of our company's capabilities. His expertise in land development and property enhancement is a testament to the quality of service we provide.

Pooling their individual strengths, Joshua and Tyler united their expertise to establish Precision Property Experts. Committed to delivering quality services, our team thrives on a shared vision of transforming properties with precision and a touch of excellence. Together, we turn visions into reality, ensuring that every project benefits from the wealth of experience and dedication that defines Precision Property Experts.

Our Mission

At Precision Property Experts, our mission is to elevate the standard of property enhancement through a commitment to precision, expertise, and unwavering dedication. We aim to transform spaces with meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to exceed client expectations by delivering high-quality services that not only meet but surpass industry standards. We strive to be recognized as the go-to experts in the field, creating lasting impressions on every property we touch. Precision, Excellence, and Transformation – these are the cornerstones of our mission at Precision Property Experts.

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